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EdulinX launches one of the most comprehensive psychometric assessment solutions in Japan

EdulinX Corporation (Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Peter A. Owans), a provider of EdTech solutions for English language learning and human resources development, has launched integrated assessment solutions in partnership with one of the leading companies in the sector, Thomas International.
URL: https://www.prosperatraining.jp/thomas-international-assessment/

This range of solutions is a unique offering that covers all phases of an employee’s lifecycle. From developing leaders to recruiting the best talent and coaching for performance, Thomas solutions provide the learning technology, assessments and systems that most organizations need. Assessments also represent unique opportunities to increase awareness of self and others, emotional intelligence, engagement, leadership potential and other relevant traits and data needed in our current business environment.

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This range of solutions, now available in Japan for the first time, supports the following:

  1. Understanding employees’ workplace behaviors and communication styles. The PPA assessment is often used to motivate and manage people.
  2. Measuring learning speed and trainability to identify fast problem- solvers. The GIA assessment is used to understand the aptitudes and training needs of employees.
  3. Predicting performance based on personality to get insight into people’s need for and reaction to stress, amongst other traits. The HPTI assessment enables executives to better select and promote future leaders in their organisations.
  4. Measuring Emotional Intelligence to identify the advantages of different emotional profiles and develop strong managers. The TEIQue assessment is widely used to understand how emotions drive success.
  5. Measuring levels of engagement among employees. The Engage survey by Thomas uncovers issues that may be impacting productivity and wellbeing, and identifies the best areas for engagement initiatives.
  6. Exploring the gap between identity and reputation to uncover issues that may be affecting employee performance. This ‘360 degree’ feedback creates open channels of communication, catalysing team-wide performance improvement.

EdulinX also offers integration into existing HR platforms to improve people’s decisionmaking with data. In addition, assessments can be integrated into ongoing talent development initiatives to enhance learning impact.

As a trusted EdTech company, EdulinX is proud to have this unique opportunity to partner with Thomas International to bring their world class solutions to our Japanese clients. Thomas assessments play a pivotal role in creating and driving a positive culture in many teams already and we are excited to bring this solution to Japan,

said Peter A. Owans, CEO of EdulinX Corporation.


About Thomas International

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Thomas is a leading global assessment provider. In the past 40 years, Thomas has helped more than 11,000 companies across 140 countries unleash the power of their people. Some 23 million assessments have been developed covering areas that include behavior, emotional intelligence, high potential, aptitude and ability, 360-degree feedback, and engagement. Thomas assessments are used in all phases of the employee life cycle, from recruitment to retention and development, and they are an integral element of HR strategies.


■For further information, please contact:

Solutions Strategy and Marketing Department
EdulinX Corporation
Telephone: 03-3348-2033