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Privacy Policy

EdulinX Corporation offers educational technology products and services for business organizations, academic institutions, and individuals throughout Japan. EdulinX utilizes technological tools to provide innovative programs and learning experiences through our Reallyenglish and Prospera brands. We have always taken the utmost care in protecting our clients’ private information but have recently undertaken a comprehensive review of our policy in protecting and administering personal information, which forms a fundamental part of our business and ESG goals. We hereby announce that all our staff will uphold the following policy.

  1. We will only conduct the appropriate collection, usage and offering of private information needed for the delivery of our services and the carrying out of our operations. We will not handle private information which is unnecessary in fulfilling these objectives and we will take measures to prevent any such handling.
  2. We strictly follow privacy protection laws as well as any government guidelines and regulations in handling private information within our company.
  3. We maintain strict administration of private information and will not show or offer them to a third party unless prior consent has been received. We will take appropriate measures to avoid illegal access to, loss of, falsification, destruction or breach of privacy of private information. In case of any breach of privacy, etc., we will take prompt action to investigate the cause and correct it.
  4. When there are any inquiries or complaints about privacy handling, we will look into the matter promptly and make efforts to take care of them as required.
  5. We assure continuous improvement of our privacy protection policy management system.

Date of enactment: 1st July 2007

Date of most recent revision: 10th February 2022

EdulinX Corporation

Peter A. Owans, President and CEO

For inquiries about personal information, please contact:

EdulinX Corporation

Park West Building 4F, Nishi Shinjuku 6-12-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

Personal information customer service:

Email: contact@edulinx.co.jp

| We handle personal information as follows: 

1. Use of personal information obtained directly from a person in writing or via web form is as follows:

(1) e-learning user information 

  • To provide learning services 
  • To respond to inquiries and questions 
  • To introduce product services 
  • To distribute e-mail newsletters (for EZ to Talk series students only) 
  • To create statistical data 

(We may use this information for product development and promotional purposes, in which case it will be used anonymously) 

(2) Personal information of those who made an inquiry or request for materials 

  • To respond to inquiries 
  • To respond to document requests 
  • To conduct various questionnaire surveys, analyses, and marketing activities for service improvement 

(3) Personal information of those who applied for a seminar 

  • To respond to a seminar application 
  •  To conduct questionnaire surveys 

(4) Information about business partners 

  • To manage business partners 
  • To conduct business activities 
  • To conduct questionnaire surveys 

(5) Personal information of those who contacted us by telephone 

  • To properly respond to and manage inquiries 

(6) e-learning grading information 

  • For market research and data analysis for research and development of new products and services 
  • To provide learning services 

* We will keep collected information for 365 days after initial collection and delete it immediately after that period. 

2. The use of personal information obtained from a person directly by methods other than written or web form is as follows: 

(1) Personal information acquired through contract business 

  • To provide e-learning services 
  • To plan and recommend e-learning solutions 
  • To respond to inquiries and questions 
  • To introduce product services 
  • To properly carry out contracted work 

 | Use of Cookies

This website uses cookie-related data distributed by Google for the purpose of accessing Google Analytics. Any information received from cookies or Google Analytics cannot be used to identify specific individuals. 

For more information about Google Analytics, please refer to the following URL: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/ 

* Please contact the following Personal Information Reception Desk for the purpose of use of all Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Requests for Disclosure. We will respond without delay.

Personal information customer service:

EdulinX Corporation
Park West Building 4F, Nishi Shinjuku 6-12-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

TEL: 03-3348-2033

Email: contact@edulinx.co.jp