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EdulinX brings Vado microlearning content to Japan through an exclusive partnership

  TOKYO, JAPAN, May 11, 2021

  EdulinX Corporation (Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Peter A. Owans), a provider of EdTech solutions for English language learning and human resources development,  announces an exciting exclusive partnership with Vado, an award-winning e-learning courseware provider specializing in management development and employee business skills.


  With over 400 microlearning courses, one of the most extensive in the market, Vado provides organizations and learners with numerous opportunities to build the skills needed to lead and manage others, strengthen individual performance, as well as increase business results.

  Using microlearning, a popular new trend in the learning & development (L&D) industry, employees can absorb information quickly right where they are. Instead of presenting large blocks of information, microlearning creates interactive assets with specific pieces of knowledge that employees can put to use immediately. Each course provides learners with engaging video content and exercises to introduce, practice, and build the desired skills. All courses include Job Aids that learners can download and keep with them to continue learning after the course concludes.

  Vado’s Business Skills Library joins the solutions portfolio of Prospera Training Solutions, a brand of EdulinX Corporation, and features popular courses including, “From Bud to Boss”, “Remote Leadership”, and “The Respectful Workplace”. 

  For example, “From Bud to Boss” toolkit is based on the best-selling book From Bud to Boss by Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris. This toolkit provides a series of courses to help a new manager transition from the role of individual contributor to managing teams. 

Click here to learn more about Vado and preview the content

“We are pleased to partner with EdulinX to provide our unique learning content that is “changing the face of learning. Research shows that most development happens on the job, and Vado is the only e-learning courseware provider that helps the learner apply the contents of the course on the job. Our mobile responsive, microlearning courses are exactly what learners are looking for,”

comments Cindy Pascale, CEO of Vado Inc.

“Microlearning is an important new trend in learning and development. This approach not only makes learning easier, engaging, and effective for learners, but it also allows the company to teach specific learning goals with greater traction, and minimal disruption of work. We are delighted to have an exclusive partnership to bring these courses to Japan,”

comments  Peter A. Owans, CEO of EdulinX Corporation.


About Cindy Pascale

Cindy Pascale picture

Cindy Pascale

  Cindy Pascale is the co-founder of Vado and has 16+ years of HR, Training & Development and OD leadership experience and 12 years running training, talent management, and assessment companies.  She is a LearningElite Judge for Human Capital Media and an Elearning Industry author both since 2018.


About Prospera Training Solutionshttps://www.prosperatraining.jp/en/

  Prospera Training Solutions is a core brand of EdulinX, Japan’s leading Edtech company.

  Prospera Training Solutions provides endless educational technology solutions that guide organizations toward optimal performance. Our personalized on-demand learning solutions use a combination of award-winning content from trusted global partners and in-house designed courseware. Prospera Training Solutions works with clients to deploy the best practices and tools to develop talent and teams for positive change and results.


For further information please contact:

Solutions Strategy and Marketing Department
EdulinX Corporation
Telephone: 03-3348-2031