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EdulinX develops its first e-learning course to help improve English language teaching in Japanese high schools

EdulinX develops its first e-learning course to help improve English language teaching in Japanese high schools

  TOKYO, JAPAN, July 26, 2021

  EdulinX Corporation (Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Peter A. Owans), a provider of EdTech solutions for English language learning and human resources development,  has released its new e-learning series, “Improve Your English Classes! – Speaking Lessons,” designed for high school English teachers and university/grad school students preparing to become English teachers. 

  For more than twenty years, EdulinX has been a pioneer in the English e-learning space, offering various English e-learning and training courses under the brand Reallyenglish. This new course is a response to the growing demand for educational content focused on teaching in English, stimulated by the initiative to promote high school “English courses taught in English,” a part of the reform in English education related to globalization. This course provides ideas and training to hone the speaking skills essential for teaching in English, focusing on guidance for teaching high school “English Communications” courses using the authorized textbook. 


A screenshot of the e-learning course, “Improve Your English Classes! – Speaking Lessons”

Course Outline


■ Target Audience: High school English teachers; university and grad school students preparing to become high school English teachers

■ Lesson Overview: 

15 Lessons:

  • Example Lesson Videos: 4 Lessons (40 mins each)
  • Speaking Training: 8 Lessons
  • Concluding Lessons: 2 Lessons
  • Review Test: 1 Lesson

*As a complement to these e-learning materials, a series of online lessons (8 lessons of 50 mins each), in which a native English-speaking teacher provides practical training in a classroom setting, is offered as a set in combination with this course.

■ Total Lecture Time: 12 hours 

■ Supported Platforms: PC, smartphone, tablet


3 Main Features


1 Real high school English class videos

Videos of highly respected high school English teachers working through mock lessons on a variety of topics following the authorized textbook provide a first-hand example of the best methods for teaching English courses. 

 2 Essential speaking skills for teaching English 

For teachers thinking, “I want to teach in English, but I don’t know where to start,” this course provides training to improve fundamental speaking skills. Not only does it focus on improving normal speaking proficiency, but it also helps students learn the important skill of conversing with their peers in English during a real classroom scenario. This course also helps students to strengthen their ability to speak on a variety of topics, including culture, stories, history, and studying overseas.

3 E-learning

The online format allows participants to study at their convenience, making it perfect for busy high school teachers and university students.


Supplementary Course: “Improve Your Speaking with a Native English Instructor” (8 Lessons) 


  For those wishing to improve their practical teaching skills, EdulinX offers a series of online lessons (8 lessons of 50 mins each), in which a native English speaking teacher provides practical training in a classroom setting. This series is offered as a set with this course.


“Teaching in English is quite difficult, so no matter who you are, you will need proper training in order to do it well. Even if you are fluent in English, training is essential to effectively use English in a teaching setting.

The ‘Improve Your English Classes! – Speaking Lessons’ was created to provide that sort of training. By following the detailed steps, you can hone your teaching abilities. It’s a self-directed course, so the materials can also be used for a university teaching course. 

Every journey starts with a single step. Why not get started with your training right away?”

said Misato Usukura, Associate Professor, Department of Education at Tokyo Gakugei University.


“More than ten years have passed since the government curriculum guidelines called for ‘English courses to be taught primarily in English.’ However, in reality, there are still many hurdles to teaching in English using the authorized textbook. In particular, cultivating the necessary English ability to teach in English and learning the teaching format are both essential. The objective of this course is to increase one’s ability to teach English courses in English. EdulinX has specifically prepared easy-to-understand content for teaching a high school ‘English Communications’ course. More than from the teacher’s perspective, I think it’s good to look at English learning from the standpoint of what is best for students,”

said Yuichi Suzuki, Associate Professor at Kanagawa University.


About Reallyenglish

  Reallyenglish has a proven track record of success in helping more than 750,000 learners worldwide. Through our English e-learning platform, your teams will enhance their communication skills.

  Reallyenglish is an industry pioneer. We are proud to have more than 20 years of success supporting companies, academic institutions, and individuals.



For further information please contact:

Solutions Strategy and Marketing Department
EdulinX Corporation

Telephone: 03-3348-2033