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EdulinX launches new finance and accounting e-learning course designed for business leaders in all industries

  TOKYO, JAPAN, July 26, 2021

  EdulinX Corporation (Head Office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Peter A. Owans), a provider of EdTech solutions for English language learning and human resources development has announced the launch of a new e-learning course, “Finance & Accounting for Business Leaders.” The course is designed to help employers upgrade core employee skills in finance and accounting and was developed in collaboration with Itseki Group (Main office: Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Toshiaki Susaki), a leading tax and accounting firm that provides top-notch services for global companies in Japan.

Empowering Employees with Finance Skills

  “Clients often tell us that solid finance skills are one of their most critical needs for employee development,” said Peter A. Owans, CEO of EdulinX Corporation. “Our new Finance and Accounting course is designed to give employees the core skills they need on the job. Mastering these skills will also help their personal career growth.”

  ”Finance & Accounting for Business Leaders” teaches the fundamentals of financial accounting to those outside the accounting field, including business leaders, managers and high potential employees. The course will help students strengthen their financial literacy by introducing them to the different types of financial statements and how to conduct basic financial analysis. The course also covers financial goal setting, budgeting and performance review, as well as other essentials to effective, data-driven decision making. The course is taught through a combination of on-demand instructional videos and review tests for each lesson and can be completed in about ten hours.


Easy-to-Understand Lectures by Business Expert

  Course materials include video lectures, workbooks and self-study tools to help students master essential financial concepts.

  • Lectures feature Tomoya Shimada, a founder and partner of Itseki Group. Prior to founding Itseki, Shimada worked at Deloitte Tohmatsu, where he provided strategic finance and accounting services to Japanese companies ranging from large, publicly traded companies to venture-backed firms. He draws on his years of hands-on experience with financial reporting, due diligence and fraud investigations, M&A, IPOs and dealing with top management to give students a real-life view of financial statements in action.
  • The instructional videos can be viewed as many times as desired. In addition, each lesson will have a review test that will check and reinforce the student’s knowledge of the material.
  • The course is compatible with PC’s, smartphones, and tablets. The e-learning course can be taken anytime, anywhere, and is perfect for busy business leaders to study in their spare time.

The course, which can be accessed from the EdulinX website, is released in July, 2021.

Learn more about “Finance & Accounting for Business Leaders” Course

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About Itseki Group

  Itseki Group is a professional firm of certified public accountants and tax accountants who provide expert accounting and tax services to global companies across Japan.



About Prospera Training Solutions

  Prospera Training Solutions is a core brand of EdulinX, Japan’s leading Edtech company.

  Prospera Training Solutions provides end-to-end educational technology solutions that guide organizations toward optimal performance. Our personalized on-demand learning solutions use a combination of award-winning content from trusted global partners and in-house designed courseware. Prospera Training Solutions works with clients to deploy the best practices and tools to develop talent and teams for positive change and results.


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