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Reallyenglish Japan Transforms into EdulinX in Full Embrace of Digital Transformation

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 1, 2021 – Reallyenglish Japan Co., Ltd, an English e-learning industry pioneer in Japan with over 20 years of success in supporting major corporations and academic institutions as well as individuals through its proprietary e-learning platform, is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to EdulinX Corporation effective April 1st, 2021. EdulinX reflects the company’s new vision to reshape learning and development by linking education with the new age in digital transformation. It supports a continuous drive to become a fully-fledged educational technology (EdTech) company that provides diversified end-to-end solutions to its clients. EdulinX logo meaning


Our new visual identity


Looking closely, you can see the letters “E” and “X” in the logomark, which means “education” and “transformation”. Green is Reallyenglish’s brand color, and blue is Prospera’s brand color.

Reallyenglish will now become a brand focusing on English language services while a newly established service brand called Prospera Training Solutions will join the EdulinX portfolio to provide microlearning, video-on-demand courses, and high-level training solutions.

“This strategic rebranding allows us to reinforce our commitment to serving our clients with diversified products and exceptional services,”

said Peter Owans, President & CEO of EdulinX, who assumed the position a year ago. Having worked in senior executive positions at Phoenix Associates, Berlitz Corporation and NetLearning Holdings, Owans is well known for his over 30 years of experience, strategic vision, and deep insights in the corporate training and education industry in Japan.



About EdulinX Corporation: 

A high value educational technology company, EdulinX brings its passion in education and technology to deliver end-to-end learning solutions for people development at all levels. EdulinX is committed to reshaping new forms of learning through personalization, video on demand, gamification, and immersion technology, as well as intuitive and interactive learning experiences to transform the way people learn.

Along with the name change, the Company adopts a new visual identity and has launched a new website which can be accessed at https://www.edulinx.co.jp/  

For further information please contact:

Solutions Strategy and Marketing Department 
EdulinX Corporation
Telephone: 03-3348-2031